Ready! The Story of the Dodecahedron: Part2!


Their last year in the university had finally arrived. Jorge and Christian had great ideas for the developing of their title projects, but they get surprised when the rector announces that the project title’s topic would be different from the last years’. The new project would then involve materializing a dream. Christian has then many ideas for it, but Jorge is out of them. Desperate, he drops off the idea of materializing a common dream when remembering about a terrifying nightmare he had had four years ago.



Out of Range. Out of Control.

Excerpt #8 from “The Story of The Dodecahedron”

The dodecahedron returned to its normal position, wiggled all the little fangs around its body, and started walking silently into the room.

“What are you doing?!” shouted Thomas at Jorge, “No! Get Back!”

“I-I can’t, it won’t respond!” shouted back Jorge, nervous, pressing all the buttons in the controller.

“I think we lost the connection. It’s out of range! – Shit, damn it! It’s attacking!”

The dodecahedron had rushed over Theart from the back and attempted to make the first strike, but all he cut was the chair’s back. Theart jumped off and barely had time to react as the dodecahedron rushed over him and slashed his legs, spilling blood. It jumped and hung from Theart body as the little fangs bit with pinching strenght and as the suckers…

“God! We gotta get out of here, now!” shouted Jorge as he heard the screams from Theart coming from the headphones Thomas had just threw over the table. “Get your laptop, lock the door, and go to your car! See if you can turn that nightmare off! I’ll rush to the faculty!”

“The hell for?!” shouted Thomas as he rushed to unplug his laptop and grab his bag and coat.

“To get the freaking dodecahedron! And call a damn ambulance!”

“I can do that if you want.” said Thomas as they ran off the workshop.

“No! I better do it from the office!” said Jorge as he started to run, “I’ll see you in car in five minutes!”

Jorge ran at full speed, thanking that there weren’t any janitors in his way. This wasn’t supposed to be this way… damn it 

The Three Dreams

Excerpt #7 from “The Story of the Dodecahedron” – Chapter 6 “The three dreams”

These “dreams” have a huge role in the outcome of the Third Part. Could these dreams be somehow related?
Something’s missing, though…

There was no sign of Theart, so he tried to ignore the noisy crowd and read the short paragraph describing the first project in the bulletin board.

“I was walking through a forest where there seemed to be no life. Everything seemed inhabited. I heard sounds of someone shouting something incomprehensible in the distance and I started to run, without knowing if I was scared or happy, or eager to search for the voice or what. I suddenly come out of the forest and appear in a red meadow. When in the meadow I find a strange flower, dancing, telling me that I had to return to the forest, that someone was expecting her in there, but then I see no way out the red meadows and not even a sign of an existing forest, but then I hear a terrifying shout and wake up.”   

Jorge was frowning at the whole text. It seemed so strange to imagine someone else’s dream without having the proper ‘memories of life’ about it. Wondering, he read the second project next to the first.

“I was alone, and everything was quiet. Never ever in my life had I felt as lonely as in that time. I couldn’t move. I felt heavy and everything I could see where blurry and still stripes of different colors. But then I hear something, I hear some unknown footsteps echoing in my multiple ears. I called for help. I called for that someone to spend some time with me, but as the sound of the footsteps quickly fades away my will to die grows stronger and then, I wake up.”

Jorge frowned again. He wondered in what category of dreams those memories would belong to, something felt weird about that second project… In wonders, he began to read the third.

“I was playing with my collection of dolls in the lonely corner of my room. The house seemed empty though I didn’t know if I was actually in my house… everything seemed painted in crimson, even the light coming from a round and still window painted my dolls in red. So I grabbed some paint I found behind me and start coloring my dolls back to their normal colors, but there were a group that would remain red, the paint wouldn’t have an effect on them. When turning, I realize one of the dolls have banished and reappeared in the red group. Mad and confused, I turn at the other group and I shout when I see them all back colored in red and my bottles of paint gone. I was woken by my parents.”

Jorge gasped. He thought a dream like that would actually be really maddening. He stared at the papers for a moment, remembering their stories… Something felt weird about the three of them.

I don’t know how they are carrying them out but… I don’t see anything wrong with them…

A dodecahedron’s Anatomy

Excerpt #6 from “The Story of the Dodecahedron: Part2”

For about three months Jorge and Thomas did the daily routine working on the dodecahedron. They had made the eye-hole in one of the faces, assembled them all together following the reference of Jorge’s drawing of a top, orthographic view of the ‘spread’ dodecahedron which Thomas had mentioned that looked like a flower. Thomas worked on creating an anatomic system for the dodecahedron as Jorge searched for the right materials and colors that would stand for the false flesh that would cover Thomas’ machinery; he found a viscose texture that turned perfect for his intentions. Once the dodecahedron’s anatomy and programming was complete, the faces could already be controlled by computer; opening and closing them.

“Cool.” muttered Jorge, smiling with amazement.

“And that was easy. This is just the beginning.” said Thomas, not as amazed as Jorge.


Sketches from a dream

Excerpt #5 from “The Story of The Dodecahedron: Part2”
Jorge is at Thomas’ workshop ready to show the sketches for the title project.

Thomas nodded slowly, frowning, looking at how Jorge got himself prepared for turning to the next page.

“And this…” he said, “Is the bloodycahedron.” turning the page.

Thomas was open-mouthed for a moment, looking at every thrilling detail of the ‘sketch’. Jorge had even given himself the time to put some color to it.

“Holy… Gears…” gasped his friend, still astonished and absorbed by the drawing. “S-so this is the inner part?”

“Yepps!” shouted Jorge, happy of finally showing the picture he took a long time completing.

“Y-you’ll have to explain to me what each part and…”

“Yeah, yeah, I will tell you everything you need to know… Don’t worry. I’ll help you in everything you want me to help and of course I’ll be always doing something. The programming will be the hard part.”

Thomas gulped, feeling the challenge flow through his veins.

“But I need to know. Can we do this? Are you up for it?”

Thomas laughed as he turned again at the drawing.

“Are you kidding me? Programming is a Can Do as long as my brain and Google keeps working correctly…”

He chuckled, resting one of his gloved fingers over the black heart in the drawing.

“Let’s make this monster!”