The White Rose

Drizzle wets the meadows with crimson sharpened drops

While amongst the fallen corpses a white rose grows

The divine petals show resistance against the fall of blood

And with its silvery veins of a past unknown enlightens one forgotten road

That leads to nowhere but towards the hero’s craved home

Although with no living souls left for foul steps or slayed ghouls to pray fate

The rose engages those whose throat still breathes poisoned air

To stand one last time and walk the stormy dawn set on line

For he shall live one more day and stand one last prey

Sent by the white rose, mother of slain

To prove that life is not in vain


Stop for a while… take a breath… and take a look around…

It’s not only about reaching the top…
Take a moment to gaze at one of the wonders of our world.

Hiking the Cerro Provincia! Awesome Snowy and muddy adventure!

Awesome and tiring adventure to the white summit of the Cerro Provincia!
Mud and snow everywhereeeee.
Here are some pics!
Provincia: 2750m
6.2 hours hiking up.
3.5 rolling down.

“At the end… it wasn’t the ‘Who’ what we were after…”

Excerpt from “Rab-bit: In Search for a Body”


Fehr made a pause, thinking, crestfallen.
“Our life ain’t easy.”
The ground suddenly shook weakly and Rab-bit got scared for a moment until realizing it was the big lurk hidden underground who somehow reacted at his brother’s words.
“At the beginning, everything orbits around the ‘What I am and what I want to be’, but later you realize it’s not your appearance, it’s not the What, but the Who, who wears the most value in every lurk’s life. We all fell upon certain greed of which we become alien of and forget who we really are and who we are gonna become. We focus on our tomorrow and shred all plans not to be someone, but to be ‘The’ someone. That who everyone will know, the all-powerful and respected, who at the end… will blame his own past and show the back to the future…”
“Why do you say that?” asked the other quiet lurk, listening with attention. Fehr looked at him seriously and then grinned.
“’Cause at the end… it wasn’t the Who what we were after…”

“forever with you I’ll stay”

For you I would… do anything.
I will protect you, my love, from the most gigantic fears and claws and I promise that I won’t leave you alone… never again. I’d give my life for you, but I think that’s the worst action I could ever do. I wouldn’t dare to leave you with a sad, heart-crushing feeling of guilty and regret. That I won’t let. What pride is left?
I promise you, my love, that forever with you I’ll stay and if death comes one day, let it take our embrace.