The Story of The Dodecahedron: Part 2, Book Trailer

The Story is developing.
The Story of The Dodecahedron: The Mechahedron


The Mechahedron – version 2.0

The Story of the Dodecahedron – Plot

The overall plot of the story is about how a college student is driven by an emotional block to materialize a traumatic nightmare he had had in his early studies because of the indirect influence of the ideas of a friend concerning a dodecahedron and the impact of this dream in both their daily lives and in those of others by detonating an increasing detrimental chain reaction of problems  as it descontextualizes the subject of dreams and their derivatives to be free from the mental and rational block still afected by the nightmare.

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La Música en las Ideas

Nació la música, y nos dejamos llevar por ella. Su influencia en nuestra vida a sido de alguna manera relevante y quizás sin darnos cuenta es ésta el origen de grandes ideas y derivados de muchas grandes ideas creativas que vemos hoy en día, ya florecidas y en constante evolución.

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