2013: Poisoned Fantasy ~ 11

So this is the end of 2013, an odd year, at least for me.

The very first day I had decided to stop taking the sleeping pills. After 2012’s headache banquet, I started taking those, but only because it was really necessary to reestablish my good sleep. I don’t fall daddicted to those things and I quit as soon as I felt ready.

This year started with lots of work. I spent the 2012-2013 Summer holidays working and earning some money. I was a little pressured at the beginning by my parents. I started working in a library, assisting clients and wrapping presents. It was nice, but slow and tiring. I met a few people in there, though I don’t talk to them anymore.

There’s when the whole parents-leaving-the-country-topic started and the first thing was to obtain a proper ID card and that took lots of struggles through bureaucracy as I also had to obtain a new passport. I left the small job at the library because it wasn’t possible for me to get paid. When the whole process ended, the university had already started.

I remember… The day I had to go pick up my new ID I missed an important test and I had to write to my teacher asking for mercy.

That first semester was, as expressed in previous posts, not so nice. I was having much more trouble than usual on setting straight my emotions. The thing was that I was no longer hiding *much* of that which I used to seal from the outside, feelings mostly. That went affecting my performance on the studies, I wasn’t happy about it, but I was just letting it happen.

The reason for which I chose to start the intrapersonal analysis was because of a series I was watching before starting university. I won’t say which, but let’s just say that it left quiet a lot to reflect on when finished. I spent the first half of the first semester dealing with the emotional queries left by the series, and then I decided to do something about it.

Somewhere around May I started working with a 3D printer after my approach to the faculty of Engineering. It was fun and frustrating to learn how to use it and how to model stuff properly to be printed with it. I never imagined the trouble it would bring afterwards.

The end of the semester was tough, but I enjoyed working with a friend on a video about a virtual reality full of joy and weird stuff. There was stress… and It was my first night to spend in the University, everything went well though.

Winter Holidays were quiet and boring. Not much happened. I actually didn’t want much to happen since I was a tad unstable. I didn’t go to the snow, but I plan on going with friends this incoming year. I started worrying about how to fill my portfolio.

I missed the first day of the second semester. I was in the hospital, dying from headache. It wasn’t such a good start, but I managed.

Second semester was a lot about team work, a team work that didn’t go wrong at all… The rest was stress, lack of motivation, emotional crisis, exhaustion, etc. I took an assistantship in one of my former classes. It was nice… helping dudes and dudettes learn 3D modelling ‘n stuff. It was good for balancing and distracting myself a little.

It also helped me on finding someone who helped me a lot those last months of studies. Someone I slowly felt in love with, sweet irony of 2013’s story.

Second semester was over along with the stress and concerns (most of them). And a few days later after being free I started working on a video dedicated for that person who thought and cared about me while on those rough weeks of school. A few days ago I sent her the video, seems like she liked it.

These days I’m still working some days at the university ‘cause I still need the money and some projects running for when I leave in January to Guatemala to visit my family in there and then in February to arrive at Boston where the work will be resumed.

I finally bought a cooler pad today. Rendering the video-present almost melted my CPU. Also, seems like the 3D printer is not working well again, what a surprise.

Right now I’m waiting for this year to be over.

It’s been a rough ride this year, one that I don’t plan on repeating ever again. In the end, it all came out well so what’s to complain about. I’d give this year the title of “Poisoned Fantasy”, for all of what it meant to me and others. It actually didn’t end with any story, it just started new ones that I’ll have to deal with next year, but well…

At least I’m sleeping well again!

To be Continued?….


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