The snow canvas ~ 13

It’s been a cold ride so far, a snowy, windy, sweet ride.

If there’s something I really miss is the comfort of my bed and pillow, though the pillow isn’t actually the comfiest thing, but one gets used to it. I also miss the food, good food, not the junk I’m having for lunch and dinner every day. If I keep it up this way I’ll end up vanishing off the face of the earth, hehe, given the fact that I’m skinny enough as to try going even skinnier. Every now and then I spend at a more proper place to eat, though, so it’s not that terrible.

I haven’t seen much, but so far I can say Cambridge is a pretty nice city with nice people and tons of interesting places to visit. I find really exciting to finally experience been in a city covered in snow with daily snowfalls and very low temperatures. And the cold, well, I love the cold so it hasn’t really been a problem at all. I brought the right clothes to survive but I’m really looking forward to spend a little bit in stores before leaving. I want to spend a little in souvenirs for some people and in some cool, useless stuff that I found at the MIT Museum.

I still have a couple of weeks before going back and starting university again. I’ll miss the two or possibly three first days of class since I’ll be returning very late at night the second day. Even though I didn’t spend these months working on my projects as I would have wanted, I’ve really enjoyed this chance of been in a new place surrounded by a different society. At least for me, it sometimes feels like you want to go back, but then you realize that you want to stay a little more.

There’s something, or rather someone though that has been a motivation to go back to reality.

I found this song in my music library, one that for some reason I never got to listen to. Curiously, it is a somewhat accurate representation of my emotional situation and hers. Even more curiously, the part that resembles her is sung by a woman (Amanda Somerville) and the one that resembles me is sung by a man (Tobias Sammet) and that one fact makes the song even more special for me.

It’s been difficult. Trying not to feel when your heart wants the opposite gets tiring and depressing, but I guess I’m doing the right thing for our current situation.

I finished developing a test game I had been working on for a few weeks. Although I have endless things to improve at, I’m quite happy with the results, results that will totally give me enough motivation to keep experimenting throughout the year.

The Involution Saga keeps getting bigger and bigger but only because it needs to be so in order to conclude the story the best way possible. Many new characters are to come and as soon as I’m finished writing the Black Heart and the Dessistance’s background I will start drawing out all the characters and places. There’s a long way ahead.

There are many new little things starting this year. I’m still unsure of what it could bring to me and my friend’s lives, all I know is that I’m willing to find out.


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