The Story of The Dodecahedron: Part 2, Book Trailer

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The Story of The Dodecahedron: The Mechahedron


The Mechahedron – version 2.0

The Story of the Dodecahedron – Plot

The overall plot of the story is about how a college student is driven by an emotional block to materialize a traumatic nightmare he had had in his early studies because of the indirect influence of the ideas of a friend concerning a dodecahedron and the impact of this dream in both their daily lives and in those of others by detonating an increasing detrimental chain reaction of problems  as it descontextualizes the subject of dreams and their derivatives to be free from the mental and rational block still afected by the nightmare.

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The Anatomy of The Dodecahedron #2 (The Mechahedron)


Rigging the Dodecahedron. Yeah, I know… who would have thought that a simple dodecahedron actually had its own anatomy? Hehe… it actually have five limbs/arms, you know? And they are ready to rip off, crush, and suck all of the healthy flesh and organs it finds on its way just because… that’s its function as depicted by the nightmare.
Pff… anyways… It’s curious how you can create an actual anatomical system for anything to give it life. The dodecahedron is the one this time to represent that life…

In a very general way of summarizing the story, “The Story of the Dodecahedron” tells the story of a young college student who had a very frightening nightmare and how this nightmare is recreated by him, only to discover that his obsession on making it as perfect and identical as in the nightmare gave the materialized nightmare more life and intelligence than the expected, thus engaging everyone’s life when gone berserk. He will see himself and his friend with who he shared the nightmare in a context where they will have no other choice than facing their nightmare, but this time for real.

The short stories share lots of symbolism, representation and interpretation of dreams; what dreams are, why we dream what we dream, how could they impact your life or other people’s lives in positive and negative ways, etc.
I wrote it with a general vision about them. Everyone is allowed to believe what they want to believe and no one can change that unless you want to.

The short stories are divided into three parts:

The Story of the Dodecahedron: Part1 – The Dodecahedron – The Nightmare

The Story of the Dodecahedron: Part2 – The Mechahedron – The Dream

The Story of the Dodecahedron: Part3 – The Bloodycahedron – The Awakening


A dodecahedron’s Anatomy

Excerpt #6 from “The Story of the Dodecahedron: Part2”

For about three months Jorge and Thomas did the daily routine working on the dodecahedron. They had made the eye-hole in one of the faces, assembled them all together following the reference of Jorge’s drawing of a top, orthographic view of the ‘spread’ dodecahedron which Thomas had mentioned that looked like a flower. Thomas worked on creating an anatomic system for the dodecahedron as Jorge searched for the right materials and colors that would stand for the false flesh that would cover Thomas’ machinery; he found a viscose texture that turned perfect for his intentions. Once the dodecahedron’s anatomy and programming was complete, the faces could already be controlled by computer; opening and closing them.

“Cool.” muttered Jorge, smiling with amazement.

“And that was easy. This is just the beginning.” said Thomas, not as amazed as Jorge.