Smileys go Creepy

Smileys go creepy and a bit scary with the latest videogame I’ve been working on since returning from a very, very long time of zero-making.
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This is me – 1

Hay momentos tristes, muy tristes en la vida de todo ser humano, momentos de ira, felicidad, amistad, temor, heroísmo, vacío, soledad, esperanza, ……nostalgia …empatía. Este es un post acerca de lo que yo siento por ciertas cosas y cómo estas me afectan tanto directa como indirectamente, porqué ocurren y lo que saco de estas pasado un período de tiempo. Continue reading

The story of the bodiless thieves

Well, I have to say this new year 2013 has started as no other ever did. There’re too many things going on and it’s hard to concentrate on certain things I want to do, but there is one thing, though, that I’d like to write about and that is the novel I’ve been writing for about three years.  Continue reading

Megaman Legends 1 & 2, simply awesome..

I would just like to write, for the love of video-games, about this one in special.

The first time I played this game was years ago… and still I find it tremendously awesome…
This game has good Replay Value Due to the simple graphics and the lack of what then came

called Shading.
This game’s story is wonderful, I simply love it. The characters are really well chosen and they all
own a unique personality which induces the player more into the story, it makes you want to know
more about it.

I’m no reviewer of this classic game, but I really must say that this game is a perfect referent for developers.

Most Video-games nowadays are going downfall… all they care about are the graphics and to approach OUR reality… and that is exactly what games are not about…
At least to me, video-games are to ride you off our world, our reality, into another one and “live” its adventures and feel the adrenaline and emotions of a different kind. Those with stories will always touch your heart, specially the RPGs (which is my fav video-game category), and always, no matter the game, always will you learn something from them…

Of course all this goes for video-games with actual stories to tell. The Epic stories are those which will most likely touch your heart and leave you thinking…

And well… I just wanted to write about this…
For all of you, gamers, play This Game if you haven’t! 😀 (PSX)
Well… if you like it, of course…

too bad they cancelled the 3rd release… TOO BAD!

If you played this Game and went over this… sudden… and… not nice…battle… against the Karumuna Bash… then you ROCK!




Ever since 1947… they arose…Video-games shall never perish…
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Rab-bit! First Platform Game!

This was my first 2D platform game made a looong time ago. I was fascinated when I finished it and thanks to it I came up with the crazy novel I’m finishing and that hopefully will turn into a saga or something like that.


So you can play it here:
Play Rab-bit!