This is me – 1

Hay momentos tristes, muy tristes en la vida de todo ser humano, momentos de ira, felicidad, amistad, temor, heroísmo, vacío, soledad, esperanza, ……nostalgia …empatía. Este es un post acerca de lo que yo siento por ciertas cosas y cómo estas me afectan tanto directa como indirectamente, porqué ocurren y lo que saco de estas pasado un período de tiempo. Continue reading


Who says rabbits can’t save the galaxy?

These last weeks have been of great importance regarding the story of the novel I’ve been writing since a while. With a little inspiration from videogames and music I’ve come to finish dreaming up each specific plot of the six books that will mount the saga I’ve come to name Involution.

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66 illustrated female characters into one pretty portrait

Awesome Drawing from a friend of mine. He’s got some mad skills for writing original comics and illustrating characters.
In this great piece of art, he gathers all of his female characters into one nice picture.

66 girls









There’s more from this Artist!

Meet the Girls by ~chium on deviantART