This is me – 1

Hay momentos tristes, muy tristes en la vida de todo ser humano, momentos de ira, felicidad, amistad, temor, heroísmo, vacío, soledad, esperanza, ……nostalgia …empatía. Este es un post acerca de lo que yo siento por ciertas cosas y cómo estas me afectan tanto directa como indirectamente, porqué ocurren y lo que saco de estas pasado un período de tiempo. Continue reading


Snow, white snow and breathtaking landscapes

More awesome pictures from the last hiking in the Cerro Provincia.
Thanks to my partner for taking all these.

Hiking the Cerro Provincia! Awesome Snowy and muddy adventure!

Awesome and tiring adventure to the white summit of the Cerro Provincia!
Mud and snow everywhereeeee.
Here are some pics!
Provincia: 2750m
6.2 hours hiking up.
3.5 rolling down.

Hiking the Cerro La Cruz! Beautiful and challenging experience!

My Second experience hiking a different mountain here in Chile. This time it was the Cerro La Cruz, with about 2600 mts high.
We went together with a friend… we took the long, challenging route… and it was incredibly AWESOME!
I’d never seen such beautiful landscapes! The weather was simply perfect: not so hot, not so cold, and we made it to the top in about 5 hours and a half. Then another five to go down… back to the city.
I Enjoyed that hiking and climbing a lot! It was so challenging! So Beautiful and quiet… away from the city where pure air and nature still linger.
Here are some awesome photos taken by both my partner and me!