This is me – 1

Hay momentos tristes, muy tristes en la vida de todo ser humano, momentos de ira, felicidad, amistad, temor, heroísmo, vacío, soledad, esperanza, ……nostalgia …empatía. Este es un post acerca de lo que yo siento por ciertas cosas y cómo estas me afectan tanto directa como indirectamente, porqué ocurren y lo que saco de estas pasado un período de tiempo. Continue reading


The story of the bodiless thieves

Well, I have to say this new year 2013 has started as no other ever did. There’re too many things going on and it’s hard to concentrate on certain things I want to do, but there is one thing, though, that I’d like to write about and that is the novel I’ve been writing for about three years.  Continue reading

The Mechahedron – version 2.0

The Story of the Dodecahedron – Plot

The overall plot of the story is about how a college student is driven by an emotional block to materialize a traumatic nightmare he had had in his early studies because of the indirect influence of the ideas of a friend concerning a dodecahedron and the impact of this dream in both their daily lives and in those of others by detonating an increasing detrimental chain reaction of problems  as it descontextualizes the subject of dreams and their derivatives to be free from the mental and rational block still afected by the nightmare.

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The Mechahedron Album

A collection of snaps from the dodecahedron/Mechahedron from the short story “The Story of the Dodecahedron”