The last post. Moving out. ~ 17

Hasta aquí llegan estos cuentos en este blog, es hora de mudarse y cambiar un poco el output.

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This is me – 1

Hay momentos tristes, muy tristes en la vida de todo ser humano, momentos de ira, felicidad, amistad, temor, heroísmo, vacío, soledad, esperanza, ……nostalgia …empatía. Este es un post acerca de lo que yo siento por ciertas cosas y cómo estas me afectan tanto directa como indirectamente, porqué ocurren y lo que saco de estas pasado un período de tiempo. Continue reading

La Música en las Ideas

Nació la música, y nos dejamos llevar por ella. Su influencia en nuestra vida a sido de alguna manera relevante y quizás sin darnos cuenta es ésta el origen de grandes ideas y derivados de muchas grandes ideas creativas que vemos hoy en día, ya florecidas y en constante evolución.

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“forever with you I’ll stay”

For you I would… do anything.
I will protect you, my love, from the most gigantic fears and claws and I promise that I won’t leave you alone… never again. I’d give my life for you, but I think that’s the worst action I could ever do. I wouldn’t dare to leave you with a sad, heart-crushing feeling of guilty and regret. That I won’t let. What pride is left?
I promise you, my love, that forever with you I’ll stay and if death comes one day, let it take our embrace.

False love? Half-love? Emotional love? Interpreted Love? Or nothing at all?

Love?Well… this kind of situations happens to most people who’s used to chatting a lot, people who didn’t succeed in finding his or her better half… and whose heart is an isolated safe box for many of his/her friends… a safe box which will eventually open when chatting. Why? Simply because you’re not physically facing that other person who you’re self-engaging with.

Women will be mostly the ones to realize where the ideological relationship would lead them…

Feelings are in a way or another involved… but involved due to what the interpretation of her/him is telling to you via characters you really wouldn’t be able to put your fate in… or maybe yes…?

Time will pass and both will start realizing… but realizing what exactly? That they did wrong? They they should have tried? That there could possibly be a way to actually see each other face to face?

A stubborn guiding light is born, that which will give you hope that someday and somehow you will meet with that “loved”/loved one…

I’m not talking about people who actually knew each other and distance pushed one of them away, I’m talking about those strangers who you give your trust to and virtual friendship because you believe in the words he/she types.

Still, the question remains the same: “Is she/he the one he/she says/types to be?”

Is there any love between those lines? Feelings are for real, but they could be invoked by fake expectations… could…

“I’m not pretending… I’m actually being myself. I wonder what she thinks about me. I wonder if she even believes in the things I tell her… What I say comes from my heart… doesn’t it? What I feel is for real, isn’t it? I wonder if she actually feels something for me… she just seems to ‘smile’ at each word I type, but nothing more… I’ve seen her on pictures, I know that’s her, I know that at least her treatment to me is… sweet. Is it real, though? Distance is just killing me, I can’t handle this for any much longer, but if I tell her what I feel… she will probably mention something related to distance and that it is not a good idea for any of us… I’m not sure of what she thinks about all this… I know nothing… I’m confused… I’m sad… I’m angry… I’m disappointed… I’m… I’m not pretending… I don’t like this kind of pain… and these tears… these tears are for real.”

14 Most Beautiful Mountain In The World – World Boutique Tourism

14 Most Beautiful Mountain In The World – World Boutique Tourism.

This is a post from a blogger dude from Blogger. Just sharing!

Incredible, wonderful, and beautiful mountains! Gotta reach those summits! hehe
And gaze at the wonderful landscape.