La Música en las Ideas

Nació la música, y nos dejamos llevar por ella. Su influencia en nuestra vida a sido de alguna manera relevante y quizás sin darnos cuenta es ésta el origen de grandes ideas y derivados de muchas grandes ideas creativas que vemos hoy en día, ya florecidas y en constante evolución.

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Want to change your boring default logon screen background?

For Windows Users.

Are you from those who lives customizing your stuff. Yes? Then you SHOULD have your own logon screen background 🙂

Like this One!

Level of Computer knowledge required: Human

1. Make an awesome background the size of your screen (mine for example is 1366×768 (HD) )
Use your favorite software! Photoshop,, Gimp, or even Paint (good luck if so)!!!
2. Save your background as “backgroundDefault” in jpg preferably in your Desktop.
Note: Make sure the file size ain’t larger than 256 kbs, otherwise this won’t work.

3. Navigate to Computer….  C:/Windows/system32/oobe/info/backgrounds
If you don’t see a folder named “info” simply create one with that name, same with “backgrounds” which shall be inside the “info” folder’
Note: Type the names correctly.

4. Copy your awesome background  file to the “backgrounds” folder.

5. Hit the Windows key+R  in your keyboard. A little windows should appear. Type “regedit” and hit enter, or boringly click on Ok.

6. The Registry Editor screen should appear. Don’t panic. This is easier than what you think. Go to Edit and Find.
In the text field type “OEMBackground”, make sure the three checkboxes are checked. It will then search for a while….
7. The search will hopefully return two results in the screen. A key named (Default) and OEMBackground. Double click OEMBackground

and change the value data to 1. then hit enter, or boringly click on Ok.

8. That’s it! If you did everything well you can hit Windows+L in your keyboard and admire your new Logon screen Background.

That’s today’s trick! See ya!